• Supporting leadership development in the District as advisory capacity
  • Monitoring / identifying leadership progress within district
  • Certification on District Trainers and Facilitators


  • Supporting positively affect membership growth
  • Assit in establishing District goals / develop District Plan
  • Advice club-success-goals and action plans to reach District goals


  • Setting up, secure and hold fund of operation of Institute
  • Recognise Lions contributors as Lions Leadership Institute Fellow (LLIF)
  • Accept "Friends of LLI" from individuals for the Fund

Reposition our Mindset 


After 20 years of service in the Lions Movement. we noticed that the culture of Lionism has gradually changed. The number of Lions clubs has increased, the membership has shown positive growth, it's very encouraging and motivating. In order to celebrate the success of tremendous growth in membership, the quality of leadership has to be maintained and improved accordingly to improve membership retention.

Hence, Lions Leadership Institute (LLI), plays a proactive and responsible role to assist the current District Governor and Lions Leaders in providing appropriate training seminars and workshops to improve the skills of Lions Leaders in various areas such as administrative skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills.

Lions Purpose is the compass to success, it ensures Lions will never be lost. Members joining the movement for personal purpose, which may be in conflict with the Lions Purpose must be discouraged from having such purposes! The Lions Code of Ethics will guide the behavior and conduct of the members. Unfortunately these important Ethics are not thoroughly emphasized, and just becomes another page that contribute to the thickness of a directory. In fact, Lions Code of Ethics should often be read and explained to the members, reminding them the importance of the Lions Code of Ethics, not only because he or she is a Lion, but a good and decent human being.

Frankly, the morality of the Malaysian community is deteriorating. Lions can play proactive role to promote moral education of the community, especially among the teenagers and school students, they are the future leaders of the nation. Promoting moral education is actually moving in line with LIONS (Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety). All immoral practices and behaviors are threats and risks to the safety of a nation. With intelligence and wisdom, despite working hard serving the needy community, Lions need to show a better example in Leadership. Lions need to behave and show good image, and share the moral values and experience of life to the community. With these, the growth or retention of membership will not become a problem!

Lastly, I sincerely urge all Centennial Lions to serve the community with intelligence to win LIBERTY, make our world a place to "Live In Peace" not "Rest In Peace" !!!


DC Henry Tan Choon Beng

District GLT Coordinator cum DC Club Rebuilding & Mentoring  

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Latest News & Updates


Trainers Conference FY 2017-2018


District 308 B2 Trainers Conference  


Day 1:


Date: 27th January 2018 (Saturday)
Venue: Flamingo Hotel, Tanjung Bungah, Penang
Time: 12.00 pm to 6.00pm


Day 2:
Date: 28th January 2018 (Sunday)
Venue: Flamingo Hotel, Tanjung Bungah, Penang
Time: 9.00 am to 12.30 pm

District GAT Training Camp

Date:        21st January 2018 (Sunday)

Time:       9:00am to 5:00pm

Venue:     Syuen Hotel, Ipoh.

Subject:  Theme, Focus, Vision, Goal, Mission and Purpose.

Region 5 New Lions Orientation

( Organized by Lions Club Of Subang Jaya )

Date:      12 November 2016 (Saturday)

Time:      2pm to 6pm

Venue:    Lions Headquarters.
              25-1, Jalan Tanjung SD13/2,
              BandarSri Damansara,
              52200 Kuala Lumpur.

 2016 LLI District Trainers Conference FY 2016-2017

Day One:

Date: 29th  October 2016 ( Saturday )

Time: 11.00am to 6.30pm

Venue: Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh

Day Two:

Date: 30th October 2016 ( Sunday )

Time: 8.45am to 1.00pm

Venue: Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh


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